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Christian Prophecies

Christian Prophecies are diverse and welcome people to the fold. True believers want to follow the word of Jesus Christ as it was written. They should start by reading the New Testament and following his word over time. They will understand the life and message of Jesus Christ from his day. That is a difficult […]


Bible verses are often disputed and debated among true believers. Prophecies are a common thing in the Holy Bible. Some viewed Christ as a prophet come to fulfill the vows of the Old Testament. God’s message to believers was delivered through Christ and that was important for them. These Prophecies have amazed people with what […]

End-Time Rise and Fall of Israel and Judah

End-time rise and fall of Israel and Judah is a topic taken from the Holy Bible. The fate of Israel was often discussed by prophets of the day. Some prophets such as Micah and Elijah were known to prophesy the downfall of Israel. But Christ claimed that Israel could be saved and brought to greater […]

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