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Few topics capture the imagination quite like God will do. Believers can learn a lot from the Holy Bible. That text describes attempts to achieve preference from the one called God. The Hebrew people are covered in full by the Holy Bible. People want to learn more about the Holy Bible and what it will […]


There is a religion that has attracted many to the fold. Christianity has wowed people with the new message it offers. The Holy Bible is the primary source text for Christianity on the whole. The religion is based around the text and that could be helpful to a lot of people. Christianity has a lot […]


Bible verses will be instrumental in teaching people about their religion. But God should also be an important belief system. His word has directed people towards changing their lives for the better. Christ was clear when it came to God and his role for believers. True supplication and obedience to the law of God should […]

End-Time Rise and Fall of Israel and Judah

End-time rise and fall of Israel and Judah is a topic taken from the Holy Bible. The fate of Israel was often discussed by prophets of the day. Some prophets such as Micah and Elijah were known to prophesy the downfall of Israel. But Christ claimed that Israel could be saved and brought to greater […]

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